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Frustrated? We Close Loans.


With 35 Lenders we provide the following mortgage programs:


Residential Loans:
Conventional, Jumbo, Super Jumbo, Portfolio, Construction including one time lot/construction/permanent, Condos, Condo Hotels, Foreign Nationals


Conventional (Conforming)

In most resort communities these mortgages have a limit of $625,000 per loan. Some programs such as FHA allow for as little as 3.5% down payment. Typically we structure these loans so that the lender pays all or most of the loan closing costs.


Jumbo/Super Jumbo

For mortgages above conforming loan amounts we have numerous lenders who understand both the resort markets and the needs of self employed borrowers. Additionally, we have a number of closely held banks who will provide mortgages substantially above traditional loan limits.


Portfolio Loans

We are fortunate to represent a number of well capitalized closely held banks who hold their loans "in house." As such, they often have greater flexibility within their loan guidelines to meet the individual needs of each client.


Lot/ Construction Loans (convert to a permanent loan upon completion)

We have a number of loan programs designed specifically for "one time closing" lot/construction/permanent loans where you can establish your interest rate upfront for the entire loan period. For primary and second home owners, we currently have the ability to finance up to 90% of the lot cost and 80% of the finished property value, whether a vacant lot or major rennovation project. Builder programs are available as well.


Condominiums and Condominium Hotels

We have an extensive group of lenders who finance condominiums and or condominium hotels at market rates. As a resort based lender, we have worked with our lenders to familiarize them with the market and to create mortgage programs that meet the unique needs of the resort condominium market.


Foreign Nationals

We consistently provide resort mortgage services for non US citizens through a straightforward, common sense approach to mortgage lending.

Commercial Loans:

  • Land/Construction

  • Construction/Development

  • Mixed Use

  • Single Family, Townhomes, Multifamily, Hotels

  • Conversion from Hotel to Work Force housing

  • Hospitality

We have and continue to provide financing for the acquisition, renovation and new construction of commercial properties across the region.




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“Mac, dealing with different brokers and lenders, it’s nice dealing with you as you are responsive, provide multiple loan options and are always on “top” of your/our deals! We appreciate that because that’s how we operate with our clients! We have sent you easy deals and not so easy and it doesn’t seem to matter! That is why we will continue to send you our business. It makes our clients happy!”

- From a highly experienced Realtor


“Thank you for introducing me to Mac. He worked through my stress in order to get me a loan that meets my needs. I’m hugely relieved and very grateful for all his hard work.”

- From a client to her Realtor on a $10,000,000 renovation loan


“This is a sincere thank you for your diligence working to get me the equity loan, well done! It has given me a great break forward in building my families financial security. I would be delighted to recommend your services to responsible people.”

I. McA. Cunningham



LMB #100013776

NMLS #370049




Cunningham Mortgage Company powered by MAC5 Mortgage NMLS 199325. Authorized to conduct business in the state of Colorado. 225 Union Blvd, Ste 350 Lakewood, CO 80228. Programs and guidelines subject to change without notice. Additional conditions and qualifications may apply. Not intended for offer of credit. Regulated by the division of real estate.

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